Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review

january - happy 5th anniversary, baby baptism in hawaii

february -annual korea trip

march - mobile baby, 30x30 remix, and halfway 5k

april - weddings and easter

may - happy first birthday!

june - my 33rd birthday and disneyland

july - walking! happy independence day

august - goodbye gemini

september - road trips to reunions

october - halloween and mushroom festival in oregon

november - thanksgiving, goodbye OB

as promised, the "no santa!" lap pic

december - christmas visiting with grandparents and great grandparents and disneyworld

Friday, December 30, 2011

fashion friday - unique for new year's

more christmas fun

one christmas tradition my family has is for one designated person to hand out all of the presents from under the tree.  this year we let saraya be the designated passer and though it took a little longer than usual, i'd say she did a decent job...
and here's a clip of her enjoying one of her gifts.  she gets so into what she's doing you can hardly break her concentration!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

disney christmas

it's been a busy holiday trip so far!  here are some snapshots of our trip to disney world and the animal kingdom.  she was such a trooper!  other kids were having complete meltdowns around us but our happy babe was having the time of her life.  she loved the teacups and wanted to go again.  we all enjoyed the pooh ride and i really liked the super-interactive play area for the kids waiting in line.  we also squeezed in the haunted mansion where saraya was amazed by the ghost that hitched a ride and snatched her head off of her body.  justin and i even managed to sneak in a ride on splash mountain.  
ferry ride to the magic kingdom (we rode the monorail back at the end of the day)

waiting in line to ride teacups
i think she was surprised that i made it spin faster


teacup success

learning about bell flowers from daddy 
amazed by the "redishes" in rabbit's garden that popped up

waiting in line with grandma and auntie (excited for the haunted mansion)
cinderella's castle at night just before...


so many lights!
our animal kingdom adventure began with a crazy bird that dropped a poop bomb that splashed about 5 people at once.  yes, i was one of those people.  so were justin and my sister.  saraya and grandma escaped unscathed. after that intro justin, lynn and i decided to ride the kali river rapids to see if we could wash a little off.  then we all caught the lion king show.  pandi was mesmerized.  it's a pretty cool show if you have the opportunity to see it.
waiting for the show to begin

mesmerized by...
after the show
christmastime is a very busy time to visit the magic kingdom but i think it was just as successful as her first visit to disneyland.  saraya loves mickey mouse and even though she won't remember this trip, i'm happy that i will be able to remember the joy and wonder on her little face... 
wearing her "first visit" button

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas jig

it's been a busy holiday season!  we're on holiday for a bit, visiting family so my posts may be a little behind but i wanted to share this little video in the meantime.  this was taken at the san diego botanical garden's garden of lights.  we went primarily to enjoy the display and get a picture with santa but a certain little miss was not having it.  i tried to build some excitement and she seemed ready to see santa but when justin tried to set her in santa's lap, she stiffened up and refused.  you'll have to wait to see the half picture i managed to take but she kind of made up for it with this cute and spontaneous jig...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas memories

as we celebrate the pandi's second christmas, i thought it would be fun to look back at last year's festivities...

merry christmas to you and yours!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

owl love - 2012 calendar

i've discovered a blog all about owls and i am in love.  My Owl Barn has so many fun owl-themed things featured.  if you are a fan (or know someone who is hint, hint) this is a great site for all things owl-like.  there are lots of free printables and DIY tutorials too.  check out the 2012 calendar.  45 artists collaborated to create a beautiful FREE calendar for download.  you can print the pre-made calendar or pick and choose which images you like.  look at some of these beauties!