Friday, July 29, 2011

haiku friday - goodbye july

warmer than last year
chasing a toddler around
summer is slipping...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

bath punk

her hair's actually getting long enough for a fauxhawk!  at first i thought these photos would make awesome blackmail material for future embarrassment but upon closer inspection, there's no reason for embarrassment; she's just too cute!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what's cookin' wednesday - surprising appetizer

so i mentioned that we picked up a tomato and vanilla bean jam from lemonbird handmade jams at the renegade handmade craft fair a couple of weekends ago. i decided to experiment with a little appetizer creation...
mini toasts, goat brie and the amazing jam

i don't really need to post instructions for this "recipe."  basically, smear some of your favorite cheese on some mini toast or crackers and top with this incredible jam.

and hopefully, it comes out looking this good (and tasting even better!)  does anyone have a name recommendation for this recipe?!

Monday, July 25, 2011


pinterest is kind of like my tuesday's treasury but bigger and better.  i love looking at other people's boards and getting feedback on stuff i like...  it's kind of addicting!

here's a link to one of my first boards.  and i added a link on the left side of the blog for anyone to pin things they find worth sharing.  enjoy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


she may have not had a water birth but this little girl sure does love her pool and beach time!

she never wants to get out of the water!  at least it gives me a chance to show off all of her cute bathing suits...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

saraya's first scrapbook

i love scrapbooking but without a dedicated space to work, it's happening less often.  pulling everything out and setup just takes so long that by the time i'm ready to start, pandi's waking up from her nap or i'm ready to take one!  i really wanted to have her first book done in time for her birthday party though so i managed to deal with the inconvenience (as well as a little wine spill from the mr.) and finished her first (of hopefully many) scrapbooks.

i took it to the birthday party so that everyone could see it and then asked all the guests to write a message on some colorful paper for me to include in her next book.  our family and friends are so talented and we felt very blessed that she'll be able to look at these special wishes one day and know how loved she is!  here's just a sampling...

it's not as cool as seeing it in person but here are the pages for those who haven't had a chance to check it out...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what's cookin' wednesday - creole fare

i spent last week in shreveport, louisiana for a conference.  although i could have done without the heat and humidity, i am happy to report that i ate very well while i was there.  and by very well, i do not mean healthy.  if you've never tried creole food, you are missing out.  i was also happy to hit up one of my favorite breakfast chains not available on the west coast.

here are some highlights from the week...
alligator poboy @ shane's

mussels diablo

quail fajitas
crawfish etouffee w/ dirty rice

cracker barrel

and this has nothing to do with food but i wanted to share a side story about a little shopping trip.  we were at the mall (just hiding out in some air conditioning!) one evening when we happened upon a store selling crazy kiddie tutus and outfits like you see on toddlers in tiaras.  true to southern redneck style though there was a section of "hunting" outfits for little ones.  i didn't end up getting it for pandi.
"daddy's little deer"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

renegade handmade part 2 - she walks among us

in continuation from yesterday's post, here are some more photos from the craft fair and another walking video.  this was actually her first time walking.  we were so excited that she waited for both mama and daddy to be home for the special occasion!

she wanted to pose with this guy
picking flowers with daddy

here mama!

this "video" is actually a collection of photos i took.  it's kind of like the old flip-book comic strips.  my favorite parts are when she realizes she's walking on her own, when justin breaks out in a huge grin, and when she throws up her arms and says "pillows!"  ok, she didn't really say pillows but it sure does look like it...

tuesday's treasury - christmas in july

Monday, July 18, 2011

renegade handmade - july 2011

last july, saraya and i had a blast at this event with corey and elyssa.  this year, daddy joined in the fun and he sure is glad he did.  not only did he score some cool stuff but he also got to witness the pandi walk for the first time!

the 3rd annual renegade handmade craft fair was held at the los angeles state historic park near chinatown.  it was a gorgeous day and we arrived early enough get a primo parking spot.  in addition to all of the amazing artists displaying their wares, there were food trucks and workshops as well.  of course we had to partake in the dumpling truck - kimchee pork and chicken & veggie dumplings with a side of garlic fries and wasabi mayo - so yummy!

there were interactive workshops such as sewing, letterpress, and woodworking for kids.  oh how i wish i had a letterpress...
i don't know what gang sign she's throwing...

i am always in awe of and inspired by the talent at this event.  here are some of my favorite artists and some of the very cool things we bought.

london manori dips real leaves in precious metals to make pretty and unique jewelry pieces.  i got two oak leaves and a maple leaf in blue, purple, and gold.  another bonus about attending these fairs is that artists often charge a lot less in person than they do online!
homako is a fabric accessories shop that makes beautiful pieces like these necklaces.  i fell in love with one and had to own it.

mine all mine!

chime is another jeweler that recycles drum cymbals and handcrafts one of a kind pieces from them.  wouldn't one of these make a cool gift for a musician?

it wasn't all about jewelry though!  recycling and upcycling are so popular and it spans across so many mediums like albums, clothes and more.

for clothes, there was a swap-o-rama-rama where visitors could use sewing machines and screen printing stations to make a unique piece from a collection of clothes, or adapt clothing they already owned with help from local artists.  we didn't participate this time but we still found some fun clothes.  justin and saraya got some cool shirts and we also picked up some soap, jams and a gift for some friends.
reminds us of alaska - jonwye

we love lemonbird jams...apricot with sage honey and pistachio and the wrapped jar is tomato vanilla bean - sounds odd but it is so delicious!
 smells so good... clean getaway soap company

rising sun gift from dave marcoullier

this post is already super long so it's going to be a two-parter.  next one will include the pandi's first walk!

5K #11

yesterday, the pandi and i completed our 11th of 12 5Ks!  it was a beautiful morning in oceanside.  this event was the RSP3 - a run, swim, paddle competition.  we only participated in the run portion (somehow i don't think she quite ready for a swim race) and i was really surprised to find we were the ONLY ones with a stroller!  needless to say, she got lots of cheers and was so happy for all the positive attention.  they even announced my name as we crossed the finish line!  i was pretty proud to say that we ran almost the entire time and it was our fastest race yet.

next month is the last 5K for my goal.  it will be my 2nd race without the baby and the first one i plan on setting an actual time goal for.  more on that to come!

Friday, July 15, 2011

haiku friday - louisiana

crawfish or crawdad?
southern hospitality
on the other side*

*the other side is what they call the side of louisiana that new orleans is not on...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tuesday's treasury - louisiana

i'm in creole country for the week!  so here's an etsy treasury inspired by louisiana...