Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what's cookin' wednesday - creole fare

i spent last week in shreveport, louisiana for a conference.  although i could have done without the heat and humidity, i am happy to report that i ate very well while i was there.  and by very well, i do not mean healthy.  if you've never tried creole food, you are missing out.  i was also happy to hit up one of my favorite breakfast chains not available on the west coast.

here are some highlights from the week...
alligator poboy @ shane's

mussels diablo

quail fajitas
crawfish etouffee w/ dirty rice

cracker barrel

and this has nothing to do with food but i wanted to share a side story about a little shopping trip.  we were at the mall (just hiding out in some air conditioning!) one evening when we happened upon a store selling crazy kiddie tutus and outfits like you see on toddlers in tiaras.  true to southern redneck style though there was a section of "hunting" outfits for little ones.  i didn't end up getting it for pandi.
"daddy's little deer"

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