Monday, July 18, 2011

5K #11

yesterday, the pandi and i completed our 11th of 12 5Ks!  it was a beautiful morning in oceanside.  this event was the RSP3 - a run, swim, paddle competition.  we only participated in the run portion (somehow i don't think she quite ready for a swim race) and i was really surprised to find we were the ONLY ones with a stroller!  needless to say, she got lots of cheers and was so happy for all the positive attention.  they even announced my name as we crossed the finish line!  i was pretty proud to say that we ran almost the entire time and it was our fastest race yet.

next month is the last 5K for my goal.  it will be my 2nd race without the baby and the first one i plan on setting an actual time goal for.  more on that to come!

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