Wednesday, July 6, 2011

baby fashionista - patriotic pandi

pandi had quite a busy holiday!  we spent the day at our friends' house inland.  it was a good 15 degrees hotter at their place than ours but luckily, bob and betty have a great pool.  i couldn't get her out of the water!  saraya loves swimming.  she also loved the corgis and the cat.  the feeling was mutual (at least they loved her for the food she dropped) and she yelled "doggie" every time one would come into sight.  saraya also stuffed herself silly with all of the great food.

since it doesn't get dark until later, i was concerned that she wouldn't be awake for the fireworks.  she made it for the first few street (read - illegal) fireworks but they were really loud.  she seemed to love the lights but the noise upset her so we left shortly after they started and she passed out for the night.


  1. This outfit is fantastically adorable.

  2. Such a patriotic little pandi. So cute!!