Tuesday, July 31, 2012

tuesday's treasury - renegade craft fair recap

photo-a-day august list

ok, here's the  list for the month of august!  if you're playing along, the hashtag is a little shorter (see above photo).  and i'm also reformatting how i label my posts.  since i'll be out of the country for half of this challenge, i debated whether or not to play along.  i decided to at least start and see what happens. i've enjoyed seeing some of your pics on other forums and hope to see more next month!

#photoadayjuly - 31. toothbrush

Photo: 31. - #toothbrush #photoadayjuly  http://instagr.am/p/Nv7oN6HOrD/

Monday, July 30, 2012

4th annual renegade craft fair recap

free fans on a hot day were so nice!
i never get enough of these craft fairs!  there are always so many amazing artists, so much good food, and tons of inspiration.  this is my 3rd trip to this particular fair (probably my favorite on the circuit) and each time gets better and better.  this year i went with my good friend corey and his son cam.  this family friendly event takes place at the Los Angeles State Historic Park so there are plenty of kids and dogs around eliciting smiles and belly rubs from everyone.  (belly rubs for dogs only, in case there was any question - i said it was family-friendly).

i could talk about different vendors ad nauseam but i think i'll just show you a bunch of pics and captions.  and tomorrow's etsy treasury will feature vendors from this show so stay tuned!
corey got a nice candid shot of me taking a lot of phone pics of things like...

my food of course! this triple b (bacon, brie, and basil) waffle was so delicious.
it came from this food truck
of these many food truck options
and though i wanted something from here, just because of the cool name, i wasn't in the mood for curry at the time.
but there was so much more than food!  there were awesome little DIY booths set up.  Cam took advantage of the free woodshop sponsored by Side Street Projects and built an airplane.  then he and i made little buttons at the LA Zine Fest booth.  and all three of us jumped into the free photobooth sponsored by Magnolia Photobooth Co. for a little silliness.

proudly showing off his plane

it's not food!
best smile

and here are some glimpses of booths around the venue (some from my phone and some courtesy of corey).  i'll talk about some of them in more detail throughout the week.

we had so much fun!  i can't wait to share some discoveries with you guys this week.

#photoadayjuly - 30. calm

Photo: 30. - #calm #photoadayjuly #clouds #summer  http://instagr.am/p/NuJ7vZHOmM/
love this view from our deck...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

teal glimpses

the family room is still far from what i envision but it's slowly coming together.  i finally found the rug and a few accessories that work out nicely.  the fuzzy pillow and clock are from Target, the flower pillow and owl are from Ross, and the rug was a find from Zulily...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#photoadayjuly - 26. sunshine

Photo: 26. - #sunshine #photoadayjuly #clouds #flying http://instagr.am/p/NjjWB6nOjD/
airplane window pics can be so cool...

#photoadayjuly - 25. heart

Photo: 25. - #heart #photoadayjuly  http://instagr.am/p/NhWnuhnOm7/
cookie cutters make fun sandwiches!

sensitive soul

sweet pandi,

when you were just a tiny babe, my mom (your grandma) gave you a soothing sounds teddy bear.  you loved  to listen to the heartbeat, the birds, and the ocean waves especially but you never seemed to care much for the lullabies.  recently you've taken to sleeping with him again.  i suppose you love the fact that you can adjust the settings on your own now.

the other day you came downstairs with teddy, your eyes full of tears.  these weren't the tears you normally shed on occasions where you don't get something you want.  you had the most pitiful look i've ever seen on your pouty little face and the tears started to silently roll down your cheeks.  he was playing a lullaby and you held him so tightly.  i got down on my knees and asked you what was wrong.

"mama this song is so sad" you said before grasping me around my neck.  at first i was relieved that you hadn't hurt yourself.  next i wondered what it was about that song that touched you so.  all i could do was ask if you wanted me to change the song.  you shook your little head yes so i changed the song and hugged you harder.

i was really struck by how deeply you were moved by a simple song.  being a musician, your father has similar tendencies to feel strong emotions when listening to music.  and when i was young, every commercial and song meant to tug at the heart strings was created to influence people like me.  i still cry every time i hear lee greenwood's "proud to be an american" played.  each year since basic training that song has taken on more and more meaning and it is impossible for me to sing along without choking up.  but not having experienced the personal tragedy of loss, i can only wonder what "sadness" means to you.  is it perhaps a glimpse into a past life?  some people believe babies are born with all the knowledge of the universe but lose it before they can communicate.  

i certainly hope you don't lose that sensitivity and that you find a way to focus it for good.  your daddy and i love you and your sensitive soul so very much...


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tuesday's treasury - going for the gold

what's your favorite summer olympic sport?

#photoadayjuly - 24. a stranger

Photo: 24. #stranger #photoadayjuly  http://instagr.am/p/Ner8NanOrw/
this was probably the funniest topic to date... so many people reported that they felt like creepy  stalkers.  i just waited for someone to walk across the courtyard while i was safely on the third floor.

Friday, July 20, 2012

fashion friday - orange you glad it's still summer?

handmade update

last year, i took the handmade challenge floating around on facebook.  you can see that post here.  i took the same challenge this year.  last year i finished my challenge before mother's day rolled around.  this year, not so much.  it's already nearing the end of july and i haven't done one.single.project.  do i have things in mind? do i have the materials? yes and yes.  so what's my deal?  i'm sure i could throw all kinds of excuses out there about how moving and potty training take up sooo much time.  but they really are just excuses.  so i'm throwing this update out there as a little kick in the butt reminder to me.  i need to be accountable!  i'm hoping that the craft fair this weekend helps motivate me as well.

do any of you have an unfinished project lying around? what motivates you to get back to it?  oh, and if you haven't already done so, enter my contest to win some art!

#photoadayjuly - 20. eyes

Photo: 20.- eyes #photoadayjuly  http://instagr.am/p/NT7MQinOm_/
mamarazzi won't even let me eat in peace!