Friday, July 6, 2012

reptile super show

last week we went downtown to the reptile super show.  at daycare the kids had been learning about snakes, frogs (i know they're amphibians), and turtles so i thought it would be nice for her to see them in person.  the day prior to and the morning of the show, all saraya could talk about was how excited she was to see the snakes and frogs and turtles and lizards...  she kept saying she wanted to pet them.
a turtle she made at school
little did we know, this super show really WAS super.  the line went out of the convention center and wrapped around the block!  i'm so glad we got our tix in advance so no wait for us.  man was it crowded!  the kids loved it (until it got close to lunchtime and then you know who started getting grouchy. oh and saraya was pretty hungry too.)

unfortunately, the pandi was ALL talk.  when presented with the opportunity to pet a nice big boa, she refused!  later on i realized that she just wanted to pet a tiny little one but they were all locked up in cases and i was not about to buy one to bring home!

forgive the poor quality of the photos.  i snapped a lot of these with her riding in the ergo and squirming around to get a better look.  also, i failed to capture any super creepy spider pictures.  there were some humongous tarantulas and bird-eaters!

a $20,000 snake?! insane...

a wolf bat

chameleons just hanging out

leashes for lizards

this picture sucks but the colors on this little guy were amazing!

munchy little guy

just riding around

"look at my turtle mama!"

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  1. Such a very cool outing. So glad she likes the reptiles and stuff. I love her turtle hat :-)