Tuesday, July 17, 2012

mystery solved!

moving into a home with an already well-established garden makes for interesting discoveries as we move through the seasons.  we've had fun guessing what kinds of plants, flowers and trees are growing in our yard.  one vine in particular has been extremely difficult to identify (not that i went to a nursery or anything... i just mean nobody i asked knew and i couldn't find it on the internet).  but this past weekend, i saw the tiny white flowers at the farmer's market labeled "stephanotis" for sale and upon closer inspection realized that this was my flower!

now armed with the knowledge of a name, i could refine my internet search from "white flowering vine" and other such vaguely random terms to an actual name.  and what do you know?!  stephanotis floribunda is also called the Madagascar jasmine and is better known as the "bride's flower" or "bridal veil vine."  the awesome smell and pretty white flower make it a popular addition to bridal bouquets.

and what i thought might be fruits are actually seed pods.  i'm glad i didn't take one co-worker's advice to "just try it."  it really is a beautiful flower and the smell is so soft and sweet.  i'm glad this mystery is solved!  now, to figure out what this guy is...

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