Tuesday, July 10, 2012

and it begins...

adventures in potty training!  i tried to take advantage of the extra time off surrounding the holiday last week to get potty training underway and i think it was a decent success!  while she doesn't attempt to take off her own shorts or underwear/pull-ups (she still wants me to help), she has definitely made progress.  she will now exclaim "need to go potty!" before running towards the bathroom.  usually there has been a tiny leak but she manages to hold most of it in because she really enjoys the noise it makes when she really pees in the toilet.  if i weren't so busy helping and cheering, i'd try to get a picture of the expression on her face.  she is so PROUD when she pees and poops in the toilet!  and so am i!

we've only begun this adventure and i know there are accidents, nighttime accidents, traveling mishaps and more to come, but for now we are celebrating.  hooray!

does anyone have any potty-training related stories to share?  successes or failures with your own child/sibling/relative/student/self?!

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  1. Tell her grandma d is proud!! Can't wait to see that expression on her face :-)