Monday, July 30, 2012

4th annual renegade craft fair recap

free fans on a hot day were so nice!
i never get enough of these craft fairs!  there are always so many amazing artists, so much good food, and tons of inspiration.  this is my 3rd trip to this particular fair (probably my favorite on the circuit) and each time gets better and better.  this year i went with my good friend corey and his son cam.  this family friendly event takes place at the Los Angeles State Historic Park so there are plenty of kids and dogs around eliciting smiles and belly rubs from everyone.  (belly rubs for dogs only, in case there was any question - i said it was family-friendly).

i could talk about different vendors ad nauseam but i think i'll just show you a bunch of pics and captions.  and tomorrow's etsy treasury will feature vendors from this show so stay tuned!
corey got a nice candid shot of me taking a lot of phone pics of things like...

my food of course! this triple b (bacon, brie, and basil) waffle was so delicious.
it came from this food truck
of these many food truck options
and though i wanted something from here, just because of the cool name, i wasn't in the mood for curry at the time.
but there was so much more than food!  there were awesome little DIY booths set up.  Cam took advantage of the free woodshop sponsored by Side Street Projects and built an airplane.  then he and i made little buttons at the LA Zine Fest booth.  and all three of us jumped into the free photobooth sponsored by Magnolia Photobooth Co. for a little silliness.

proudly showing off his plane

it's not food!
best smile

and here are some glimpses of booths around the venue (some from my phone and some courtesy of corey).  i'll talk about some of them in more detail throughout the week.

we had so much fun!  i can't wait to share some discoveries with you guys this week.

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  1. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Girl. Beauitful pics