Monday, July 9, 2012


the first time i remember drinking coffee and actually liking it was when i was a freshman in college.  there was a little coffee shop in fairchild hall that i would smell every time i went to the lectinar for class.  eventually, i caved and went to see if that divine scent tasted as wonderful as it smelled.  the verdict?  well, anything tastes great when it's drenched in whipped cream, chocolate, and caramel.  so of course i loved it.  eventually i would come to prefer my sugar and cream with a little more coffee and a little less calories.  but some people would still think my "one creamer and two sugars" is too much.  like the hubby.  he drinks his coffee black but i find that too bitter.  until now...

i recently treated myself to a keurig coffee maker.  this one to be exact. (except you know i didn't pay that much and i got a bunch of extras - gotta love costco and amex gift cards!)
Keurig® Platinum Brewing System
it's like i never knew what great coffee (made at home) could really taste like!  can you believe that i've been drinking it black?!  when i brewed the first cup, i thought "i'll just take a sip before i gussy it up with my usual" but that sip was so good it turned into "i think i'll drink this whole cup black!"  and just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, i tried my next cup (a different variety) black as well.  and it too was awesome just the way it was.  i may be a convert!  at least, at home.  and one of my favorite features of the coffeemaker is that i can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate, ice tea and coffee, or get plain hot water for oatmeal or other things way faster than boiling water.  this one even came with a reusable k-cup filter so we can still grind our own coffee beans!  i'm pretty stoked on this purchase.  

and if i were famous and made a bunch of money from this blog, i'd pull a pioneer woman and give one away.  but i'm not and i don't, so i won't for now.  for now, you can tell me how you prefer your coffee (or if you're not a coffee drinker, what's your beverage of choice?)

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  1. My hot drink of choice is tea. Was very pleasantly surprised when someone at work donated a keurig coffee maker to our breakroom and it came with teas as well as coffees. They are very yummy!!