Thursday, July 19, 2012

craft fairs and a giveaway!

winner announced: congratulations coryn piñon!

craft fairs hold a special place in my heart for many reasons.  i love the creative energy, the unique gifts, and the inspiration i get.  it's also the first time Saraya walked! one of my favorite shows, sponsored by Renegade Handmade, is coming to LA again for the summer show next weekend.  i'm looking forward to checking out all of the awesome vendors and enjoying the delicious food trucks.  i also love the DIY activities they set up. last summer, shortly after her first birthday, Saraya decided this show would be the perfect time and place to start walking.  i imagine she was as excited as i was to see all the amazing vendors.  here's the "video" again.

at the last  event i went to on mother's day, i picked up some beautiful prints from human tree robot.  i finally got around to framing and displaying them and i just love them!  so much so that i want to share the love. i'm giving away this limited 8x10 print to one of you lucky readers...

baobab tree

all you have to do to enter is tell me what craft or project are you currently working on?  are you building a bookcase? sewing or knitting a new pattern? taking daily photos or journaling?  or maybe you don't think you're the creative type.  you can just say "i want to win this!"

and if you want more chances to win, do any of the following for additional entries:
share this contest on FB (1 entry)
pin this to your pinterest (1 entry)
tweet "enter to win some crafty goodness" with a link on twitter (1 entry) 
just leave one comment for each action you take!  winner will be announced Monday morning, July 23rd.  good luck!


  1. I am currently working on catching up on my scrapbooking. I was about a year and a half behind, am now a year behind, but hope to finish over the next month. My problem is I take WAY TOO MANY photos and I don't like just letting them sit on my computer. :) LOVE the print by the way!

  2. I'm working on referbishing a wagon. Ive got it painted green gold red now I have to get news screws nuts and bolts and we're in business. Saraya should come for a ride in it. I should win this cuz July 23 is my birthday! ;-)

    1. Forgot to leave my name -Betsy <3

  3. I Think I'm pretty creative but I may have a bit of ADD because I get distracted so easily but the project I'm working I actually got from HGTV and that is finding old cute/vintage chairs and finding cute fabric prints and a good old staple gun and making them look super cute and fresh =) but just incase you couldn't tell I WANT TO WIN THIS!

    Tae Love <3

  4. Right now the only "creative" thing I'm working on is Photo A Day :) It forces me to search things out each day and I'm really enjoying that! The next project I want to tackle is re-purposing my flare jeans into skinny jeans. Can't wait for that one!
    PS: Just shared your link on my twitter as well!

  5. And just shared you link on my Facebook too!

  6. My current "project" is moving from a large house into a very small apartment in a beautiful area. I'm purging "stuff" and seeking beauty in simplicity. This picture is simply beautiful :-) and it's soft quietness would be the perfect touch.
    I shared your link on fb.....

  7. Does anything not yet complete count as "currently working on?" Crochet flag blanket started almost 10 yrs ago. Cedar bird house started around five years ago. Q-hook afghan started ??? Swarovski and copper necklace and bracelet set started 3 months ago. Sad, I know, but there's probably more I'm not thinking of right now. Maybe I can get at least one done before moving in October...