Saturday, July 9, 2011

35. eat camel hump

it's been awhile since i've written about something on my big list so i thought i'd get back to it!  eating camel hump specifically was not necessarily on my wish list but i am a big fan of trying local delicacies when i'm traveling.  during my one year deployment in qatar i had the opportunity to visit the summer home of a qatari general (their military leaders are royalty).  it was amazing!  it sat right on the beach and as guests we were invited to go fishing, ride ATVs, hold falcons, and smoke hookahs.  at the end of the evening we enjoyed a huge feast.  i was all about trying the baby camel hump!  undeterred by the thick layer of fat, i gladly accepted the tender pieces of meat.  surprisingly, i thought it tasted like turkey!  and i would eat it again...

view from the roof

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