Saturday, July 2, 2011

night zoo

every summer, the san diego zoo stays open at night.  they have special shows and presentations of animals, music, and more.  since it doesn't get dark until late i thought the pandi would enjoy checking it out.  it's also nice because it isn't too hot out.  we met up with corey and his sons and let the adventure begin!

we started off at the petting corral.  at first she loved all the goats and sheep.  then one bad kid head butted her and knocked her on the ground.  it didn't hurt but it sure scared her.  he was a bit of a bully and kept knocking children down.  it was kind of funny (am i mean for saying that?!) but i was a good mama and didn't take pics of her tears (this time).

the zoo is humongous but because we are members, i never feel rushed or obligated to squeeze everything in.  this particular trip we visited the reptile house, the elephants, the koalas, and the polar bears.  man those elephants have issues!  there was one well-endowed bull who appeared to have just finished mating or something.  he also pooped and peed for the crowd.  what a bonus show!

looking pretty relieved...

the polar bears and koalas were all lazing around.  watching them made me kind of sleepy.

then we had dinner at albert's.  it's a nice sit-down restaurant nestled in the trees near the monkeys and gorillas.  pandi helped me eat some lime hummus and a delicious citrus curry chicken.

thank you corey for taking all of these pictures!  summer nights lasts until september 5th so if you're local, i recommend checking it out.  we'll definitely be going back.

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