Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 words

i took this photo of the lion at the safari park (formerly known as the wild animal park).  the 3 words i'd use to describe mr. lion here are:

1. majestic
2. relaxed
3. meditative

these are 3 traits i'd like to incorporate more into my life.  ok, don't ask me how i plan on being more majestic.  the words i'd like to focus more on are relaxed and meditative anyhow.  he appears to be pretty stress-free on his perch and i think less stress is something we can all appreciate.  and perhaps meditating helped him achieve that level of relaxation.

what words would you use to describe mr. lion?

1 comment:

  1. Strong

    It's amazing how lazy and listless lions can appear because it's so deceiving. They have nothing to fear at the top of the food chain. The strongest and fiercestof all, they send everyone and everything scattering with one mighty roar! I think their serenity comes from their strength and lack of fear.

    You are a strong and beautiful woman with nothing to fear; an inspiration to me always, dear daughter-in law!