Wednesday, September 14, 2011

road trip & reunion

my apologies for the prolonged absence.  i was gone all last week on an end of summer family road trip to my alma mater, the us air force academy.  we left on the labor day holiday and returned just this past sunday. it was a fun and exciting whirlwind of an adventure and even though i feel like didn't take nearly enough photos, i still have a few to share.

on the way to colorado springs, we stopped for overnights at two national parks.  zion national park and arches national park are both in utah.  the views are amazing!  we enjoyed a few easy hikes as well as some sunsets and sunrises.  pandi wanted to blaze her own trails but we weren't quite ready for that.  maybe next time...

beautiful landscape everywhere you turn!

i love the sunbeams spraying from the clouds...

this little hiker kept trying to take off

elephants on parade

i adore this one

and this one

emerald pool hike @ zion national park

it's like a fantasy world

had to keep the little escape artist close so she wouldn't disappear down the cliff

colorado was as beautiful as i remembered.  i can't believe i graduated 10 years ago!  and it's been 8 years since i've been to colorado springs!  we had gorgeous weather the entire week.  in addition to seeing old friends and classmates, i was excited to see my sponsor family.  the barads provided me a home away from home for the 5 years i spent in colorado.  of their 5 kids, 2 are in college, 2 are in high school, and the youngest (who was born one thanksgiving day i spent watching the older kids as they took turns visiting the hospital) is a little genius in his last year of middle school.  man i feel old!
my baby anasazi @ the manitou cliff dwellings

trying to get to daddy


baby-cooking oven

another oven; those anasazi must have cooked a lot of bad babies

the cadet chapel

9/11 memorial in front of the cadet chapel

standing in front of the class wall - top right: 2001 fire it up!

beautiful veggies in my sponsor family's garden

taking the tractor for a spin!

awesome blueberry blonde ale and appetizers at the grad-owned colorado mountain brewery

enjoying the game with the former yearbook adviser on her birthday!

amazing halftime show

the littlest falcon fan!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing trip! So glad you had the opportunity to go with the whole family and take in so many beautiful sights along the way. :-)