Monday, May 21, 2012

#photoadaymay - 21. where you stand

this is a touchy subject and i usually avoid talking about politics or religion in this forum but i think it's important for saraya to be able to look back and know how mama feels/felt about these things.  if you gather nothing else from this post, just know that in the end, it's about love.

i know people who struggle with their beliefs about homosexuality and gay marriage because it conflicts with the way they were raised (in the church) or it makes them uncomfortable.  but i cannot in good conscience intentionally hurt someone who just wants to love.  why must we go out of our way to make life harder for someone who is different from ourselves?  the same logic and tradition that guides this type of thought once made interracial marriages and women's suffrage illegal.  i cannot imagine trying to explain to my daughter that she is less of a person and should have less rights simply because of her race or because she is female.  how is sexual orientation any different?  i don't believe a gay person chooses their sexual preference any more than i chose to be born mixed or female.
and it saddens me when people quote the bible as the reason for denying homosexuals equal legal rights.  why is it okay to pick and choose which parts of God's word to believe in and "enforce" and which parts to conveniently gloss over just because it suits you?  i believe that we are all sinners and we will all be judged one day and if we're going to choose just one part of God's word to focus on, shouldn't it be love?  No man has convinced me otherwise yet...

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