Thursday, March 21, 2013

little lessons

dear saraya,

since before you were born you have been teaching me things.  i've learned and am learning so much about myself, about being a mom, and even about being a better wife to your father.  like many expecting parents, i often thought about all of the things i would show you and teach you once you were born. what i failed to really think about were all of the things you would show and teach to me...

patience - while i do not profess to be the most patient person it is easier to be a little more patient when you're forced to.  i don't like to watch you struggle but i have come to realize that you need to struggle in order to grow and learn and gain confidence in yourself and in your abilities.  instead of always putting your shoes on for you i learned to allow a bit of extra time to get ready so you can do it yourself (when all i really want to do is strap them on quickly and be out the door).

choices and options - it's fun to dress up your mini-me in cute outfits or shoes with matching hair accessories (despite the lack of hair) but again, there is an opportunity for you to be independent and self-assured that trumps my want for a real-life doll.  you are at a point in your life where you can pick out your outfit without fear of what people might think or what body image you portray.  you are proud of your strong, healthy and growing body and your clothes don't flaunt or mask that.  i always want you to have that confidence of self-expression.

routine - spontaneity can be a wonderful thing in many ways but there is something to be said for the comfort of routines.  routine doesn't have to equal boring.  a schedule can still fit in fun activities, travels and surprises  but without a daily nap or a decent bedtime ritual, everyone's day will be ruined.

and really there's so much more.  as i think of things like this, i try to jot them down somewhere to share with you later.  i am continuously amazed by you and look forward to not only what we can teach your little brother but also what he will teach us.


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  1. Janene, this is so very precious. Your thoughts and the lessons learned are inspiring and encouraging for any parent (and person) of any age. And for Saraya later on they will mean so much.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful revelations with us. I could not have asked for a more wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful in spirit and person daughter-in-law and mother of my granddaughter.
    Love you so much!