Friday, August 30, 2013

doodle a day

one of my birthday gifts this year was a book on doodling with jim henson.  "From prehistoric cave drawings at the dawn of man to innovative creations scrawled in college notebooks, people of all ages through the ages have sketched and scribbled."  it's true!  whether or not you consider yourself to be artistic (i do not) or creative (i try), we all have found ourselves making scribbles or patterns while stuck in a meeting, bored in class, or on hold on the phone.  i like this book's approach to inspiring creativity and in an attempt to exercise my own creativity a little more, i have decided to play along with a doodle a day for the month of september.  it's very similar to the photo a day i already participate in and as a matter of fact, i discovered this doodle list through instagram.

like i said, i am NOT an artist so if i decide to share these doodles at all, don't expect little masterpieces!  and don't ask me if S drew it for me either! hahaha... but seriously, if you're looking for another way to stretch your creative limbs and maybe photography isn't your thing, consider trying this with me.  you can check out my doodles on instagram (@alohaneener) while i decide whether or not to share them here.

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