Thursday, February 24, 2011

museum of making music

well, i was only able to squeeze in one museum during this month's special but it was a good one!  the museum of making music is in carlsbad, right next to the flower fields and legoland.  founded in 1998, the museum explores the history of the american music products industry from its beginnings in the 1890s to today.  the exhibits reveal the unique and often unknown story of the music products industry to the general public.  there are over 450 vintage instruments on exhibit,as well as audio and video clips and a special interactive area where visitors can put headphones on and play on a variety of hands-on instruments.  the museum is divided chronologically. each gallery represents 20 years of time and features the popular music of the era, the instrument innovations during that time, a snapshot of current music business practices (including marketing, distribution and manufacturing) and nostalgic recreations of music stores of each era.  some of the cool vintage instruments we saw were an antique piano...

(i love the detailed painting all over the piano!)
tons of brass instruments...

some fun mini hawaiian electric guitars (no they're not ukeleles)...

and a slightly scarier instrument i like to call the siamese wonder...

(it just looks so unnatural!)
when i saw this piano from a distance i told justin it  looked like an army-issue piano.

and what do you know?!

the pandi really enjoyed the interactive area.

she said she'd like to go back again!

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