Wednesday, December 12, 2012


today is the last time we'll ever have a repeating month/day/year.  there's no particular significance to this fact but it's interesting and therefore special.  this is also my first blog post for december (and the first post i've written in what seems like a very long while).

in case you are wondering what has happened since my last real post, we had a lovely thanksgiving, our garden exploded (as well as a pipe in the yard - they joys of home ownership), we painted and hung our chandelier, i made some gifts and crafts, we took our yearly trip to hawaii, and we just bought and decorated our christmas tree last night.  i have pictures and stories that will fill the blog for the rest of the year but i also have lots of family coming to spend our first christmas in our new home with us so preparing for the holidays means the blog may not be updated as regularly as usual.

we went on vacation shortly after thanksgiving and for once, it was a REAL vacation for me.  i took no work, no laptop, and not even my DSLR camera (because sometimes our hobbies turn into work and i really wanted to focus on relaxing with my family and friends).  of course i still took pics on my phone (as anyone who follows my facebook or instagram can attest to) but for the most part, i relaxed.  no blog updates, no work, no regularly scheduled anything.

you may or may not have noticed that i haven't posted any december pictures of the day.  rest assured, i'm still taking them, i just decided not to be so redundant in posting them here.  if you're interested in seeing any, go to my instagram or facebook and as always, i encourage you to play along!

we've got holiday parties, preschool presentations, birthdays and more happening in the few short days we have left this year.  i know i've been leaving you hanging for a few weeks but i promise to be back with a few fun DIYs, a recipe or two and LOTS of pictures if you can hold out just a bit longer!

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