Monday, February 11, 2013

a big girl bed

 we have a hunch that saraya's going to be a tall girl.  my only hope is that she's not taller than justin because it's already bad enough she's going to tower over me but it would just be incredibly awkward for her to look down on him at 6'4".  anyhow, the point of this height discussion is to say that she has outgrown her bed.  it seems like it happened overnight.  one night we're going about our bedtime routine as usual and she says "this bed is too big for me." (we're still working on big vs small and before vs after) "i need a big girl bed and the baby can have this bed."

well, that was easy enough i guess.  so we went to the furniture store to check out big girl beds.  she wanted to climb in practically every one and was so disappointed that she wasn't allowed to climb on top of all the bunk beds.  we didn't pick one up that night and for the next almost 2 weeks there was a nightly plea for a big girl bed at bedtime.

after a little debate about what size and style to get, we agreed to get something that she should be able to use for a really long time.  back to the very tall point made earlier, this meant getting a full-size mattress.  needless to say, she is beyond stoked about her new bed and i have to admit that it's a lot more comfortable for me to snuggle with her as we read bedtime stories now.  by the way, she picked out the tutu and has proclaimed numerous times that pink is her favorite color so even though it is quite pink, the bedspread is totally her...

what is this?!
my big girl bed!!

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