Wednesday, February 13, 2013


those of you that follow me on instagram (@alohaneener) get to see a lot of random things that i capture on a daily basis more so than you do here on the blog or even on my facebook.  i don't proclaim to be an artist but i do love taking photos and every now and then i am pretty pleased with what i capture.  i've shared before some of the many ways to take an instagram photo and turn it into something more than a thumbnail on a phone screen.

one way to showcase your photos is to post them to a gallery on instacanvas.  you choose which photos to make public (so no one will be blowing up your personal family pictures) and when people pick your photo to print, you get a percentage of the profit.  and they've expanded the products to include not only canvases but also framed prints, prisms (desktop paperweights), greeting cards and iphone covers.

recently, they've added an option for you to purchase products from your own photos that you choose from your facebook or hard drive (again, not viewable by the public) to make into gifts for yourself or family.  so i did just that.  i took a couple of my favorite shots from our most recent hawaii trip and had them enlarged and framed.  it takes a lot for me not to frame and print so much more but luckily(?) i can't afford to go overboard.  if you're like me though and love to see them in print, here's another (much cheaper) way to display them (thank you pinterest!)

Instagram display  - it's just one picture. DIY instructions, print for only $6 @ Costco
check out how she made this here

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