Monday, April 8, 2013

national poetry month and poem in your pocket day

have you seen this video?  a friend of mine posted it on her facebook last week and i, like many other people, was blown away by this 3 yr old.  the memorization alone is fantastic but the conversational way he presents the poem is what fascinates me.

april is national poetry month.  i've always had a soft spot for poetry. from dr. seuss to shakespeare, from dirty limericks on the bathroom wall to clean and simple haikus, poetry has helped shape me.  i've recited Rudyard Kipling's If for a scholarship pageant, found humor during a long deployment in the crude rhymes scribbled on the bathroom trailer stalls, and lulled my baby to sleep with the sweet and silly songs of Theodor Geisel.  people seek comfort in the poetry of bible verses and entertainment from the lyrics of their favorite songs.  when i was in college, i came across William Cullen Bryant's Thanatopsis.  at first glance it seems to be a morbid poem about death but it is actually a comforting reminder that we're never alone.  Thanatopsis remains one of my top poems of all time.  poetry is part of all of our lives.

to help celebrate national poetry month, april 18th has been designated poem in your pocket day.  the idea is to select a poem to carry with you and share with others.  if you can't do it literally, think about sharing one virtually through social media using #pocketpoem.  i'll be participating (though i haven't chosen a poem yet) and hope you'll share yours!

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