Monday, April 29, 2013

where does the time go?

i've been a little absent lately, i know.  a working mama in the third trimester with a demanding toddler and a full schedule needs a break every now and then.  things have been good, just busy. i do most of my blogging after a certain funny kid has gone to bed but lately i've been so exhausted at her bedtime that i can't keep my eyes open long enough to put together my posts.  and while things are by no means slowing down, i do feel a kind of groove returning.  it's not like i'll be getting more sleep/rest in the coming months so it only makes sense that i adjust, right?!

so what have we been up to lately?  in addition to the routine stuff...

attending festivals (avocado festival, encinitas street fair)

taking school pics (a post on this coming soon)

planting our spring/summer garden (basil, tomatoes, basil, strawberries, basil, squash, basil, pumpkins, basil, spinach, and some other fun things. and did i mention basil?  it's the one thing we're having the worst time growing and the hubby is determined to succeed this time so wish us luck)

home improvement projects (seriously, some i can't imagine anyone being interested in but some that will be documented in future posts)

and planning for this incredibly busy upcoming month (visitors, mother's day, a quick visit to see some family, a 3rd birthday! and more)

aaaand i'm tired again just looking at all of that.  hope my recent silence hasn't driven away all 5 of my readers!

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  1. I've been missing my daily dose of whimspiration but know you are busy and pregnant! Sounds like your month to come will be very busy so I will just be patient. Can't scare me off that easily :-)