Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 christmas card

baby's first christmas!  mom and dad broke out the makeshift couch studio to capture saraya's cute little smile for this year's card.  as you can see by some of these test shots, it was a little bit of work, but pretty funny!
hey!  what's going on here!?

oh mom, pictures again?
well at least make sure you get my good side...
next year's goal, the dogs AND the baby!  merry christmas!


  1. Well worth the effort for us recipients! A beautiful picture of a sweet Christmas child! Love it............Thank you!

  2. Looks like Saraya's first Christmas was a very merry one for you all.
    She looks like she's getting used to posing for the camera.
    A model in training!!!

  3. OMG - I love the captions you write for Saraya's thoughts! :) I was scrolling and so I saw the 2nd picture first...which made me go "huh? why would she wear a bib saying 'I'm a boy'?". Then I scrolled up some more and was like "oh!" & cracked up. Duh me. ;P Thanks again for the holiday card! It's up on the fridge next to the holiday card of my 1-year-old nephew/godson. Saraya & Liam make a cute baby couple. :) Play date? Heh heh.