Tuesday, December 14, 2010

starlight circle

i love christmas lights!  but like fireworks, it can be pretty difficult to capture them in a photograph.  i still have a lot of figuring out my camera to do when it comes to anything besides taking still pictures in perfect outdoor daylight.  one thing i'd like to work on is night photos.  i'm tired of seeing ultra blurry pics (except when they are artsy and intentional) and wondering what the heck i'm doing wrong.  after consulting my trusty manual and a few internet experts, i am ready to start improving my "technique."

last week i had the opportunity to practice when my co-worker Bob invited us to walk around starlight circle.  his kids are all grown up now but when they were young, he would take them around multiple times a season to check it out.  this neighborhood is known for their great christmas light displays.  in addition to your standard lights and santas, these houses go all out to include tons of other characters displaying the christmas spirit.  we saw the mario brothers, winnie the pooh & gang, the star wars crew, and tons more.  also, many of the residents get a little help with the electric bill by selling goodies in their driveways to all the visitors.  there was lumpia, kettle corn, cider and cocoa.  i enjoyed my hot buttered rum and managed to get a couple of decent pictures.  i've still got a ways to go but these are already an improvement.  and it helps me get ready for the main event.  this year we are taking Saraya to the botanical garden for their light display.  i hope i can get some good shots!


  1. Every time I see Christmas lights like that I think, "I wonder what electric bill looks like". I'll try to harder to appreciate the beauty next time. :-\