Thursday, December 30, 2010

new year's resolutions

when i was younger, i was a terrible nail biter.  i can remember making the same resolution year after year to stop biting my nails.  it took a few years, but eventually i met my goal.  these past couple of years i haven't really made any resolutions.  i guess i figured i didn't need a certain day dictating my goals and if i really wanted to change or do something, i'd just do it.  while this is still essentially the truth, i decided that it doesn't hurt to make new year's resolutions.  there's nothing wrong with saying your goals aloud, or putting them out there for other people to see (and possibly help hold you accountable for).  perhaps just the very act of making the list is enough to help manifest the change, even if it takes a few tries.

so here is my list for 2011...

1. more handmade - make and buy more things that have that special touch
2. quality over quantity - this is with regard to my hobbies;  i tend to start multiple craft projects, books, scrabble games, etc. and therefore never give myself a chance to get really good at any of them.  i just need a little more focus.
3. write more - journals, blogs, thank you notes and letters
4. money matters - i'm not bad with money.  i have savings and investments and my debt to income ratio is pretty darn good, but i could always be better.  this year i'd like to really boost the good habits and maybe cut back on a bit of the excess expenditures.
5. be more supportive - i'd like to think i'm a good cheerleader for my family and friends but sometimes i wonder if there isn't more that i could be doing to let the people i love know that i'm here for them.  maybe it's being a better listener, or spending more time together.  whatever it is, if i can do it i'd like to.

i think that's a pretty good list.  i didn't pick things like "lose 20 lbs" or "learn a new language" because those are daunting tasks that a lot of people list because they think they should, and then don't really make an effort to achieve anyhow.  nothing i listed is that difficult but they will all go towards making me a happier person who can in turn make the people i care about happier.  sounds like a win to me!

what are some of your resolutions?

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  1. #5 - I say u do a darn good job! Thanks sis you always have a good word for me! Thank YOU!