Monday, June 27, 2011

5K update

well, i am inching along towards my goal.  of course i failed to seriously consider things like sickness, family emergencies, etc. when i came up with the semi-lofty plan to complete 12 5Ks in a year.  in early april, pandi and i got the stomach flu and couldn't participate in the carlsbad 5000 but we had already picked up our race packets so we made that one up on our own.  and later in april i ran my first race alone.

at the beginning of may, i completed the breath of hope 5K for lung cancer.  it was an honor to be able to support my dear friend denise.  along with her lovely husband and son as well as some good friends, we celebrated denise's triumph over lung cancer.  it was wonderful to see her so full of joy and pride that day.  sadly, denise contracted chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as a result of smoking and lung cancer.  there is no cure for COPD and on june 7th, denise passed away.  the world lost an amazing woman that day but i know she's in heaven instructing the angels on how to cook the perfect italian feast and watching over us.

and then at the end of may, i was scheduled to participate in the vista strawberry festival 5K.  my whole family was actually signed up for this one.  my brother and i planned on running it while the rest of the family leisurely pushed the stroller along and we were going to all meet up at the end and enjoy the strawberry festival.  when my dad got sick we had to miss that one but my brother and i were able to squeeze our own in while we were at my parents' house.

yesterday, we participated in the american diabetes association 5K in downtown san diego.  and by we i mean, the pandi and i were joined by my good friend janet!  she was visiting us for her birthday weekend.  don't worry, we did fun birthday stuff too but she was actually happy to be able to join us for the walk.
it was a beautiful morning, perfect for a stroll along the water.  and since it was at 630 in the morning, we were able to get into the hash house for breakfast with hardly a wait!  we went through balboa park on the way home and then took naps and showers before rounding out the day with a little shopping.  i love getting an early start to the day because it feels like you get so much more done during the day!

so that makes 10 down, 2 to go.  i think i can, i think i can...

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