Wednesday, June 22, 2011

what i wore wednesday - summer solstice

i don't have a specific reason why but when i woke up yesterday morning, i just had a feeling it was going to be a fantastic day.  nothing particularly spectacular happened.  pandi still hasn't taken her first solo steps or sprouted more than 3 teeth.  in fact, she was being quite rowdy and headbutted me so hard my tooth cut my bottom lip.  there weren't any cool letters or packages waiting for me.  and the house still isn't as clean as i'd like it to be.  but i still feel like it was a great day.  maybe it's because i got to wear a new outfit i picked out as a birthday gift from anthropologie.  it just screamed SUMMER at me, and while screaming is generally a turnoff, this time it just worked... excuse the cell phone photo though, it's all i had!
dress, cardi, and belt: Anthropologie
sunglasses: Target
wedges: Old Navy

so it's no secret that a good outfit can make your whole day brighter.  i found this to be even more true when i was pregnant.  there were times when i felt huge and bloated but a cute (and comfy!) outfit and a little make-up went a long way towards improving my mood.  one of my biggest sources of inspiration has been style blogs.  you may remember my little 30 for 30 experiment (kendi is actually doing a summer challenge right now).  i am also a fan of jessica quirk at what i wore.  i just love that she sews a lot of her own dresses and that many of them are from vintage patterns.  like this...
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and this...
What I Wore, WhatIWore, Jessica Quirk, Homemade, Sewing, Do it Yourself, Simplicity 2444, fashion tumblr to follow
right now she is having a giveaway on her site for her soon to be released book.  go check it out!

and i hope everyone's longest day of the year was a good day!


  1. you're a hottie

  2. You are beautiful, inside and out!! You had a great day because you decided it would be one. You know it's not what happens to us......but