Monday, June 20, 2011

happiest place on earth

i'm 33 years old!  to celebrate, i decided to pay a visit to the happiest place on earth.  i haven't been to disneyland in over 20 years and i thought this would be a great occasion to introduce miss saraya to the wonderful world of disney.

my birthday fell on the sunday of a drill weekend so i decided to take monday off.  we went to the park with one of my favorite families.  monday happened to be miss alyssa's 11th birthday and it was a surprise present.  i almost spilled the beans earlier in the weekend but managed to keep the secret!  since anything goes with a 1 year old, i went into the visit prepared for the possibility that it would be a short day.  saraya sassypants was quite the trooper!

maybe it was because she knew it was a special occasion, or perhaps she felt the overwhelming joy radiating from the park.  either way, saraya lasted 10 hours!  she rode peter pan, the teacups, winnie the pooh, pirates of the caribbean, haunted mansion, and monsters inc.  she loved them all!  her little mouth was agape at all of the colors and sounds and she was too busy pointing and clapping to be scared.  there was a little girl about 4 years old behind us on the pirates ride who was NOT happy to be there.  she kept telling her dad he took her on the wrong ride and she needed it to be over in 5 minutes.  meanwhile, saraya was clapping at the cannons splashing the water and squealing with laughter at the tipsy jack sparrow.  we also watched the disney jr. stage show and ate at a couple of the restaurants.  at lunch i had fried green tomato sandwich and it was fantastic!  i also got to ride the tower of terror and screamin' rollercoaster so the pandi didn't have all the fun.  i wanted to take her on small world and to see the toy story and little mermaid shows but it was pretty crowded so i guess we'll have to save it for another trip!
love her long lashes! the back of her hat has her name sewn in and she got a "first visit" badge too!

excitedly waiting in line

getting very sleepy...
and, she's out!  until next time...

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