Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 day photo challenge - day 8: technology

we're surrounded by it!  i'm using it right now to create this post.  sometimes i wonder what we did before cell phones and ipods.  but if i had to choose one thing that i could live without but prefer not to, it would be a microwave.  it's just too convenient!  what one piece of technology would you never want to give up?


  1. Microwave I could live without (even though I really like it). Cell, not so much! I was very stubborn and resisted getting a cell for a long, long time. Everyone I knew had them but I said I'd NEVER get one. LOL, now I can't imagine life without it!!

  2. TV! I know that's horrible. But I just can't function after dinner without my best friend the TV. And remote. And cable.

    Don't judge me.