Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what i wore wednesday - inadvertent advertising

usually i prefer to mix and match pieces from various brands/stores so i don't look like a mannequin straight out of one store's window.  i wore this outfit to work this week and halfway through the day i realized that my entire outfit was from old navy!  well, minus the belt and shoes.  at least the pieces came from different seasons.  and these shoes are an amazing find from target.  they are extremely comfortable and they make me taller!  i loved them so much i got them in brown and black.  best part?  they were half off so i got 2 pair for the price of 1!  i love when that happens...  


  1. I love a good shoe deal, too! And if they make me taller, so much the better! :-)

  2. Beautiful juror!! Love the outfit and the attitude :-)