Sunday, August 21, 2011

33. complete 12 5k's in one year

i did it!  there were a few times when i thought i might not make it due to life happening, but i accomplished this goal.  my last race was the 5K portion of the America's Finest City half-marathon.  it was another lovely run through beautiful balboa park, and my second race without the stroller.  i won't know the official time until later but it was around 33 minutes.  a special thank you to karlie for motivating me during the run!


  1. You Rock!! So proud and pleased you included Saraya and exposed her to such a great activity so early on.

  2. Amazed you actually fit 12 into a year with everything else you do; definitely a superwoman! Thanks for letting me be along for the last one. It was so much fun!