Wednesday, August 1, 2012

beautiful briny sea salt

have you ever been walking through a store and been offered a sample of something?  maybe it was a perfume spritz or bite of chicken.  and how often has one of those samples made you stop in your tracks and say "i'm going to buy that now!"?  that kind of reaction is rare for me but i actually experienced it at the craft fair this past weekend.

there was a table full of flavored salts.  of course the mushroom flavor caught my attention.  it was good but i wasn't necessarily ready to buy any.  then she suggested i taste the truffle salt.  dear lord... my tongue did a happy dance the moment it touched those magical little granules!  i couldn't believe how fantastic it tasted.  after that i had to try another flavor i wouldn't have normally thought about.  the friends forever is a honey salt that can be sprinkled on foods or when cooked with, releases a stronger honey flavor.

the ingredients are simple.  fleur de sel and italian black truffle.  pure ocean salt and granulated honey.  and i love the suggestions for use.  add the truffle salt to veggies, eggs, and olive oil.  add the friends forever to popcorn, ice cream, fancy drinks, and carrots.  i love a good flavored salt but never tasted any quite like these.  i highly recommend them.  and this is not a paid advertisement or endorsement.  i just thought i'd share something i really liked.  check them out on facebook.

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