Wednesday, August 15, 2012

packing lightly

i'm on my way out the door for a couple of weeks to fulfill my annual tour requirements.  while i enjoy visiting korea and try to make the most of the limited free time i have there, i also miss being away from family and home.  timing is never ideal and i always inevitably miss some event.  my blogging will be a little scarcer until september but i'll still be posting when i can.

in preparation for this trip, i have a few required items (uniforms and equipment) that are both heavy and bulky.  unfortunately, there is no getting around lugging these things through the airports.  so i try to balance by taking less cumbersome personal items.  i'm one of those travelers that tends to over-prepare a bit but i'm trying to be better at that.  i also like my gadgets.  this will be the first time i take my nook instead of multiple books/magazines so hopefully that will help.  i'm also trying to limit myself to 2 lenses for the camera.  and of course, i have to take my laptop.  no really, it's a necessity!  i need to skype with justin and saraya!

it's easy to pack light when i'm going back to hawaii or florida.  light layers, interchangeable and complementary colors, bikinis, sandals... and though it will be hot in korea, it will also be very rainy (monsoon season) and i have a "professional image" to uphold.  i haven't been back to korea in august since 2003.  i've been spoiled in recent years, returning in march and wearing scarves and coats.  i'm not particularly looking forward to monsoon rains.  at least the recent hot weather in san diego should prepare me for the temperatures.

any tips for packing lightly from my readers?  it's too late for me this trip but maybe between my lessons learned and your advice, i can get it perfect next time.


  1. I like packing light, too. I just try to coordinate my travel wardrobe so they all match. That way I don't have to bring as much, and only a couple pair of shoes. Hope you get some free time to play and have fun!

  2. I've never been accused of "traveling light" so clearly not the person to give advice. But I'm hoping to master the art of packing one small bag. Ouch!
    Wishing you safe and happy travels to and in and home from Korea. Looking forward to pics and tales.
    Love you!