Thursday, August 2, 2012

water baby

earlier this year, we enrolled the pandi in swim lessons.  she took to the water like a fish (she's just like her daddy!) and graduated to the intermediate class just before justin went to alaska.  he wanted to resume her lessons when he returned but was a little concerned that she might not be ready to advance since there was a break in her lessons.  there was no need for that concern.  it's like she never stopped!  and you know your child is comfortable in the water when they are still sassy as ever.  there's no room for fear with all that sass...

"i see a frog!"

"i need to get that frog."

alllmost there...

got it!

humpty dumpty sat on a wall...

they do a drill where they kick, go under, grab the wall, knock over the turtle, kick off the wall, and end in a back float.  she loves it!

and then there's a drill where they float on their backs, run across a lily pad and jump into daddy's (or mommy's) arms.  the first time she did really well.  the second time, she decided to be a sassy frog.

she's already started boogie boarding in the ocean with daddy.  i predict a little surfing miss in the near future!


  1. Love it!!!! Auntie Betsy

  2. Ha Ha...She is the cutest, most adorable swimming pandi I have ever seen!! So glad she's advancing so quickly in her swimming. She's surely part fish....or maybe mermaid?