Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY chandelier makeover

the original brass monstrosity

when we moved into the house, the chandelier that had been hanging in the dining room at the last inspection was nowhere to be found.  we searched everywhere and pretty much decided it must be a sign that we should get something new.  have you ever priced chandeliers?  they are pricey.  and the ones that aren't expensive are usually not very attractive.  i'm not terribly picky but i didn't want any old light fixture thrown  up there just so i could take it down when i found something better.  we'd be installing this thing ourselves and i wanted to limit the amount of times we needed to reach that high.  and by we i mean justin.

enter pinterest.  pinterest has some of the best DIY ideas out there.  when i saw someone had transformed a funky brass fixture into a pretty purple photo prop, i knew just what i wanted to do.  i found a cheap brass chandelier on craigslist, cleaned it up and sanded it down.  i used one can of rustoleum in an oil bronze color.  then we took advantage of having handy guests over and got it put up in no time.  it's perfect!  we love it and it ended up being a really easy DIY project.
purple chandelier
from designsponge


  1. It's kind of crazy that you found almost the EXACT same chandelier that you found on the Pinterest post!

  2. It turned out so nicely! Love what you did with it!