Monday, January 21, 2013

sprinkle vs shower and a little surprise

the first time you have a baby, a shower is a wonderful way for family and friends to help you with all of the baby things you need (because Lord knows there's so MUCH you need).  unless your kids are born many years apart, i think most of the big items are taken care of.  family and friends still want to show love and support because it's still a celebration and that's where sprinkles come in.

a sprinkle is like a mini shower.  more than anything we want to celebrate the impending arrival of our new one with people we care about.  and to add a little twist, we're going to also make it a gender reveal.  this week is our ultrasound where we may be able to find out the sex.  i am just too impatient to wait until the birth but i like the idea of a little surprise so we're going to ask not to be told the gender right away (assuming he or she even cooperates) and to have the sex written down and put into a sealed envelope.

we'll deliver the envelope to a baker that will make a cake that's neutral on the outside and either pink or blue on the inside. when everyone shows up they'll pick a favor that's either boy or girl, depending on what they think the baby is and after we cut the cake, we'll see who guessed right!  i think that amount of suspense is just enough for me.

so stay tuned to see/hear how it all went.  has anyone else done one of these or been to sprinkle or gender reveal party?  let me know what you liked or didn't like about it!


  1. I am excited! What fun!
    ~Auntie Betsy

  2. Oh, I want to be at the "sprinkle"/gender reveal!! What a great idea. So excited to learn who my newest grandbaby is :-)

  3. Sounds like a fabulous idea! So exciting!