Thursday, January 3, 2013

resolutions, shmesolutions

how many people make new year resolutions only to fail or forget them before january is over?  i used to make them.  they used to be things like stop biting my nails (i have), learn to play the guitar (i haven't), or write more letters (i do).  i made some resolutions for 2011 (here) and for the most part they were successful but i pretty much decided that self-improvement should be something i strive for constantly and consistently, not just because it's a "new year".

so i will go ahead and set goals.  i will talk about a lot of them here on the blog and/or on facebook because it can help keep me accountable.  but i won't state any resolution because it just kind of seems like setting yourself up to break them.

one of my goals for the past couple of years has been to "do more handmade".   i've done the handmade challenge where i promise to make something for 5 people who in turn promise to make something for 5 people and so on.  it can be anything from a simple cup of coffee to a work of art.  the first year i only had 3 people rise to the challenge.  last year that number jumped to 7.  it's so rewarding to be creative and to be able to share that creativity with others. this year i won't formally do the challenge but i think two consecutive years of success means i can count on myself to continue the creative handmade habit.

how about you?  have you made or are you going to make any goals or resolutions this year?  if so, feel free to share if you think it might help hold you accountable!

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