Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY guitar picks

i found a tutorial through pinterest for making your own guitar picks and thought it would be a great project for saraya to make some for justin.  it was one of the fastest, easiest (and sweetest!) projects we've done to date.  we made these for father's day but i had to wait to post the tutorial so he wouldn't see them before he got them.  :)

what you need:
1 guitar pick (for tracing)
#6 plastic (we used the disposable top from the $1 roasting pan)
permanent markers

1. trace the guitar pick onto a sheet of paper

2. use a copy machine and enlarge 250% (we used our all-in-one but you can also take it to kinkos or the
library and use their machine)

3. use the enlargement as a template to trace onto the plastic

4. let the little ones color (i colored a sheet too)

5. cut out the picks and lay on a sheet of foil

6. put it in the oven at 325 degrees for 2-3 min

the original tutorial i followed said that the heat will make them curl up but that they'll flatten out during the shrinking process.  you can see that a couple of ours curled up and didn't flatten out.  i'm not sure why but 2 out of 10 isn't bad!  and while i don't recommend burning plastic on a regular basis, this was such a small and quick project that there were no noticeable fumes.  just for extra precautions i did this part with the window open while she napped far away from the kitchen.  when she woke up and saw the finished project she exclaimed "mama made them tiny!"


  1. Awesome project!! They turned out sooo cool!

  2. I love how this project turned out! A perfect gift for a musical dad!