Wednesday, June 27, 2012

oh toodles!

well, mama did a bad thing.  i may have switched marvin k mooney the fish into a new home without prepping said new home very well first.  needless to say, he didn't survive.  so i discovered him at night and dumped buried him into the compost.  his fish hotel was in the kitchen sink.  when saraya came downstairs, she proceeded to give mkm the standard morning greeting but looked confused that he wasn't there.  here's how the conversation went...

me: sorry baby but marvin k mooney is gone.
S: marvin k mooney fish went away!
me: yes.  and he won't be back. but we can get a new fish, okay?
S: ok!
me: what color do you want your new fish to be?
S: pink!
me: haha, okay i will try.  what should we name the new fish?
S: marvin k mooney!
me: i think we should pick a different name.  a new name for a new fish?
S: no, marvin k mooney fish
me: how about toodles?
S: oh toooodles! (anyone who has seen mickey mouse clubhouse will get this)

so we have a new fish.  he is pink-ish.  and his name is toodles.  and yes, i prepped the water right this time (i think).


  1. I guess Marvin K Mooney went home :(
    toodles is a pretty fish.