Monday, June 4, 2012

housewarming love

the housewarming was so wonderful.  thank you again to everyone who made it both in person and in spirit!  we we truly blessed with gorgeous weather and beautiful friends.  i got so busy with hostessing that i didn't get to break out the camera but thanks to margie and joe for sharing some fun photos.  and i guess thanks to rudy for catching our crazy eater in action.  it's a good thing there isn't usually any ranch dressing in our house...

a friendly game of bocce ball

firing up the grill

all of these bubble wands are mine

what do you mean this is the last cracker?

we're working on the concept of not double-dipping now

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  1. HaaHaaHa! Saraya - you crack me up!!!

    Love you - Auntie Betsy