Thursday, November 1, 2012

11.1 a month of thanks

i try to be filled with gratitude on a daily basis.  for the past couple of years, i've posted one thing i'm thankful for each day during november on my facebook status.  i will do that again this year but i figured i'd add it to the blog as well (and on some occasions, expand).  this isn't meant to be serious in the sense that it's a chore (like some people think photo of the day challenge is).  it can really be as simple as being grateful that you woke up, being thankful that there's morning coffee, or that you can afford two-ply toilet paper.  this is just an exercise in being mindful of all of our blessings more often.

so to start today's:

i'm thankful that this past week i've had two good friends deliver healthy babies.  that is a serious blessing not to be taken for granted!

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