Wednesday, November 7, 2012

instagram gifts

most of you are already well-aware of my addiction to instagram (you can follow me @alohaneener if you'd like) so it should be no surprise that i found a way to express my love through gifts.  justin's been wanting some ocean/surf art for our living room.  my friend jackie in hawaii takes amazing photos (check her out @jackinhawaii) and i knew that some of them would look awesome enlarged and framed in our home.

one way to get quality enlargements on canvas, as framed prints, or on prisms for your desk is to order through instacanvas.  i've plugged my own gallery before (new items added weekly!) but there are tons of artists available to choose from.  the artist gets percentage of the profits with no other work on their part.  easy extra cash for those of us with no intention of becoming professionals!

maybe you've had a enough of the giant canvas craze or you're just looking for other ideas.  here are some other great gift ideas for your instagram projects.
Square prints - perfect for Instagram photos!
maybe you just want prints? try postalpix (they mail them right to you)
stickers!  and lots of other fun printed ideas from prinstagram
if your'e feeling DIY, try this photostrip tutorial
i've been using postagram for awhile now; send postcards of your pics that pop out for keepsakes

Custom-Printed Ceramic Photo Tile

and if you do a search for instagram gifts, you'll find even more ideas for original gift ideas for the upcoming holidays!  hope some of you don't mind getting an instagram gift this year...

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