Monday, November 5, 2012

color run san diego 2012

before and after

i had a blast running the happiest 5K on the planet this past weekend.  i wasn't sure if i was going to actually do it until the evening before because my original "team" of nearly 10 had dwindled to just me.  i was pretty bummed when everyone else dropped out (life happens) but i decided that i should just enjoy the adventure anyhow.  i'm really glad i did.

when i got there, the parking and line for check-in took a lot less time than i expected.  while i was in the check-in line, i had a good laugh dodging a bee with a group of four girls in front of me.  we started chatting and when it came up that i was a team of one for the day, they insisted i join their group.  they turned out to be preschool teachers that worked together in LA and they had driven down for the event and a little SD vacation time.

it was great getting to know them while we waited to start.  and we enjoyed pointing out all of the fun costumes and super cute little kids running around.  i ended up not bringing Saraya because although she's accompanied me to races before, there's an added challenge of being alone with a toddler and a stroller with only porta potties.  plus, it's easier to run without the stroller too.  i didn't achieve a personal record or anything (had to stop a few times to make sure i got a good douse of color) but it was still a faster run than i would have had with the stroller.
look at those bright and clean shirts!

there were so many fun costumes like this wedding party...
and this kilt made from a military uniform

white balloons for the start
there were nearly 30,000 registered for our morning start and another 15,000 for the afternoon start.  we were in the 4th wave to start (they released about 1500 people at a time to help spread us out).  the race wasn't timed but there were people finishing in about 15 minutes.  i can't imagine they got much color on them going that fast!  there were 4 color stations spread out over the course (pink, yellow, orange, and blue) and each racer got an individual pack of color (with those same colors as well as purple, teal, and green) to toss in the air during the finish festival.

color balloons for the finish of course

my personal packet of color

lots of color being tossed in the air at the finish festival
we danced to the DJ for a bit and did a little more people watching before we took off.  it was a first 5K for one of the girls and she fell in love.  we agreed that we should keep in touch and meet for another event soon.  hooray for making new friends!

this is actually post wiping my mouth and drinking some water

glad i wore sunglasses!

gangnam style celebrating

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