Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween 2012

queen bee
our new neighborhood doesn't have a big showing of trick-or-treaters for halloween and this is actually the first halloween that a certain little pandi has spent here (her first two were both in oregon).  so when i came across an event called "boo at the zoo," i jumped on the opportunity to check it out.  this zoo is not the san diego zoo, but a small wildlife center called Wild Wonders/Zoofari.  you've probably seen them bring animals on the tonight show with jay leno, david letterman, or ellen.  they opened the center for kids to check out some of the animal ambassadors while scoring some candy along the way.  it was pretty cool!

ready to see some animals!

great-horned owl

petting rosy the boa

excuse the grainy camera phone pics coming up. this is the first live armadillo i've ever seen.  i never knew their little underbellies were so soft and orange.

petting his shell
a north-american porcupine eating a pumpkin

you could pet them but they are pretty stinky.  they give off pheremones that smell a LOT like human body odor. 
"my turn!" don't worry, we used some sanitizer afterwards.
hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!

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  1. Such a great way to spend Halloween. Love it!