Monday, November 4, 2013

first haircut

So for awhile, S has been telling me she wants her hair short, "not long like mama."  Generally, if she mentions something unprompted on more than one occasion and for longer than a week or two, I know she means it.  We trimmed her bangs once about a year ago but were hesitant (for some unknown reason) to go for an actual cut.

The lady who cuts my hair always does a fabulous job and earns me lots of compliments.  She has a little boy of her own and I loved the mohawk he's been sporting for awhile so I thought it might be a good idea to take S to see her.  Man, was I right!

This child LOVED her haircutting experience!  She kept squealing at her reflection and was such a good listener for Ms. Jana.  I don't know why we took so long getting her hair cut.  She looks ridiculously adorable and it's so much more manageable now.


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  1. Love the new 'do! Tell S that I love her new look. :) xoxo