Thursday, November 14, 2013

ski bunny

I didn't learn to snowboard or ski until I went to college.  I mean, you can't live in Colorado and not at least try it out right?  Well, my first day of snowboarding started out great.  Breckenridge was beautiful and this snow bunny was having a blast until my board caught just wrong and I landed just funky enough to sprain three ligaments in my knee.  When I learned that my injury almost cost me my commission I decided to stick to just playing in the snow for the next few years. 

After I graduated and successfully commissioned, I decided I was ready to take a little risk again and decided to give skiing a chance.  It was great fun and I happily stayed injury-free this time. By this time I was no longer living in a place close to the snow so I wasn't exactly getting good at it though.  Now I live in California but this old body ain't what it used to be.  I know I'm not too old to pick it up but I'm really just content visiting and playing in the snow.
Justin on the other hand is a great snowboarder.  He grew up skiing and snowboarding and so I'd expect that to show up in at least one if not both kids.  Saraya was watching some videos and we asked her if she wanted to learn to ski or snowboard.  She decided she wanted to ski.  Now, if you follow my instagram you may have seen this:
November in California happening here...

So just where was a girl supposed to learn to ski?!  Luckily, there's a place called Adventure Ski and Snowboard School in the little beach town of Encinitas.

Yes, this school is outside.  They have a "magic carpet" that simulates skiing or snowboarding downhill and it is so cool.  Thanks to a handy dandy Groupon, we got a 30 minute private ski lesson for the babe.  Three year olds can be so unpredictable.  We knew she'd either love it or hate it but what we didn't expect was for her to be so good!  The instructors are great.  They talk through each step at an easy to follow level appropriate to the student.  She kept describing the ski positions as big and little pizza slices (which Saraya loved).
how's that background?


proud papa
 And by the end of the lesson she was able to go down the whole hill by herself.

There was a lady learning to snowboard next to her so of course she got a little distracted.  And of course when the lesson was over she said "Now let's snowboard!"  Have we created a monster?  I'll let you know how her first ski/snowboard experience in the actual snow goes...

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