Thursday, September 20, 2012


sometimes when i have to go up north for reserve duty, i find myself with a free evening.  lately i've been trying to take advantage of such freedom by watching a movie at the theater or eating at a new restaurant i want to try.  recently i had the opportunity to check out a (very) large antique shop with one of my (reluctant) friends.  man oh man did i feel like i was on a treasure hunt!  i wasn't looking for anything in particular so it made it a little easier to step back and take it all in but the place was still a little overwhelming.  there were literally thousands of pieces of everything from furniture and art, to knick knacks and books.  i could have spent days in there.

like i mentioned, the friend that went with me was not as excited about the place as i was but he was still a good sport.  at one point he was trying to trick me into moving along faster by pointing at something far away and saying "check that out."  of course, the direction he was pointing in was closer to the exit.  i replied "i know what you're doing!  you're making me miss treasures!" a man passing by us snorted in laughter.

so i got a decent look but it really only whet my appetite.  i will definitely check it out again the next time i'm up there.  and i may be checking some out closer to home as well...

(you will notice a lot of owls things in the following pictures.  i can't help it, that's what jumped out at me!  i will say that the one thing i did end up getting had nothing to do with owls and that there was a MUCH larger selection of collectibles than that.)

not salt, but nutmeg?!

tons of handkerchiefs

i liked this little guy but i didn't like the little chip in his mustache

all boston terriers all the time

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